7 Paths to Lasting Happiness Book Club Questions

  1. In your own life, how much do you allow your contentment to depend on personal circumstances, and how much do you allow it to be determined by your attitude?
  2. If you could change one personality trait that you believe would make the greatest difference in your happiness, what trait would that be?
  3. What stands in the way of your making a change in that personality trait listed in #2 above?
  4. On a scale of 1-10, how grateful do you consider yourself?
  5. What are three positive questions you could ask yourself and answer right now that would bring a greater sense of gratitude (for example, “who loves me?”)
  6. How can those who are not born with a naturally happy personality still find joy?
  7. Is there someone in your life that you have not fully forgiven yet? What is holding you back?
  8. When you listen to your “inner dialogue”, are those comments and thoughts mostly positive or mostly negative towards yourself and towards others?
  9. Is there a correlation between our thoughts towards ourselves and our thoughts towards others?
  10. Do you believe that a positive attitude can be contagious? If so, have you surrounded yourself with mostly positive people or negative people?
  11. Find one activity/action in your life that impacts your personal happiness either positively or negatively. Discuss how you can either add in that positive activity or remove that negative activity from your life.
  12. If time was not an issue, what kind of service organization would you like to be involved with? Can you envision a time when you could devote a few hours a week to such an endeavor, and if so, when?
  13. Do you have a friend with whom you could become “happiness accountability partners”? This would be someone that has also read the book and you could set goals, check in with, and with whom you would hold one other accountable for those goals.
  14. Think back to something you were passionate about when you were younger. How can you include that passion back in your life now in some way?